Discography: Early Years

Discography: Early Years

Chess Soul: A Decade Of Chicago’s Finest (Released – 1997)

  • Release date: -Dec-


01. Mama Didn’t Lie
02. Strange Feeling
03. I’ve Been So Lonely
04. Soulful Dress
05. Love Ain’t Nothin’ (But A Monkey On Your Back)
06. Who’s That Guy
07. Ain’t Love Good, Ain’t Love Proud
08. I Had A Talk With My Man
09. I Can’t Help Myself
10. Don’t Mess Up A Good Thing
11. Voice Your Choice
12. Selfish One
13. The Entertainer
14. I Do Love You
15. Love Is A Five Letter Word
16. The Soul Of A Man
17. Temptation ‘Bout To Get Me
18. Do I Make Myself Clear?
19. Take Me For A Little While
20. What About Me?
21. I’m Satisfied
22. Searching For My Love
23. Only Time Will Tell
24. Rescue Me
25. I’m Not Ashamed
26. Stay By My Side
27. Have Pity On Me
28. Wade In The Water
29. I Fooled You This Time
30. Don’t Pass Me By
31. Lonely Girl
32. To Be A Lover
33. Don’t Knock Love
34. I Believe She Will
35. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
36. A Love Reputation
37. Dirty Man
38. I Can’t Make It Without You
39. Hold On
40. Good To Me
41. You Left The Water Running
42. Oh What A Day
43. Baby, I Love You
44. Losers Weepers
45. Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation

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