Discography: Earth, Wind & Fire

Discography: Earth, Wind & Fire

Illumination (2005)

  • Release date: -Dec-


01. Lovely People
02. Pure Gold
03. A Talking Voice Interlude
04. Love’s Dance
05. Show Me The Way
06. This Is How I Feel
07. Work It Out
08. Pass You By
09. The One
10. Elevated
11. Liberation
12. To You
Bonus Tracks:
13. The Way You Move (All Releases)
14. Love Together (UK, Japan, Target)
15. Autumn (Japan, Circuit City)
16. Let Me Love You (Target Exclusive)
17. Pure Gold [Acoustic Suite] (QVC Exclusive)
18. Kalimba Story [Live From AOL Sessions] (QVC Exclusive)
19. That’s The Way Of The World [Live From Summer ’05] (QVC Exclusive)
Bonus DVD:
Live At Red Rocks [Summer ’05] (QVC Exclusive)

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    Pure Gold

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    Show Me The Way

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    The One

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