Discography: EWF Guest Appearances

Discography: EWF Guest Appearances

Sweet Sweetbacks Baadasssss Song Soundtrack (1971)

  • Release date: -Dec-


01. Sweetback Losing His Cherry
02. Sweetback Getting It Uptight And Preaching It So Hard The Bourgeois Reggin Angels In Heaven Turn Around
03. Come On Feet Do Your Thing
04. Sweetback’s Theme
05. Hoppin’ John
06. Voices
07. Mojo Woman
08. Voices
09. Sanra Z
10. Voices
11. Reggins Hangin On In There As Best They Can
12. Voices
13. Won’t Bleed Me
14. The Man Tries Running His Usual Game But Sweetback’s Jones Is So Strong He Wastes The Hounds (Yeah! Yeah! And Besides That Will Be Coming Back Takin’ Names And Collecting Dues)

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    Sweetback's Theme

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