23 November 2023

Jennifer Holliday’s Track “Shine A Light” (1983)

Here’s the track “Shine A Light,” from Jennifer Holliday’s 1983 release ‘Feel My Soul.’

“Shine A Light”
Written by Maurice, Wayne Vaughn, Wanda Vaughn
Produced by Maurice for Kalimba Productions

Musicians on the album;
Lead & Background Vocals: Jennifer Holliday
Additional Vocals: Maurice, Wanda Vaughn, Jeanette Hawes, Crystal Wilson
Vocoder: Larry Dunn
Keyboards: Wayne Vaughn, David Foster, Bill Meyers, Edwin Hawkins
Synthesizer: Robbie Buchanan, Greg Phillinganes
Synthesizer Effects: Mike Cotten
Bass: Nathan East
Guitars: Roland Bautista, Carlos Rios, Caleb Quaye
Drums: Ricky Lawson, Fred White
Percussion: Paulinho da Costa

Background Vocal Arrangements by Maurice & Wanda Vaughn
Horn and String Arrangements by Bill Meyers
Horn Arrangements by Jerry Hey
String Arrangements by Jeremy Lubbock

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