23 January 2024

Ramsey Lewis’ Track “Part Of Me” (1985)

Here’s Maurice (lead vocals) on the track “Part Of Me” from Ramsey Lewis’ 1985 release ‘Fantasy.’

“Part Of Me”
Written by Morris “Butch” Stewart & Brenda Mitchell

Maurice: Lead Vocals
Brenda Mitchell: Lead Vocals
Ramsey Lewis: DX 7, Steinway Concert with Forte Midi, Prophet 5
Morris “Butch” Stewart: Roland Super Jupiter, Yamaha TX-216 Midi Rack, Roland MSQ-700
Bill Ruppert: Electric Guitar
Wayne Stewart: Drums
Background Vocals: Brenda Mitchell, Morris “Butch” Stewart, Philip Stewart Jr.
Horns arranged by Maurice and Bill Bottrell

Produced By: Maurice and Morris “Butch” Stewart

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