10 August 2023

Urban Knights’ Track “Scirroco” (1997)

Here’s the track “Scirroco” from the Urban Knights’ 1997 release Urban Knights II.

I chose to move closer to my jazz roots. I wanted to be free of the box of producing singles that ended at 3:24. I yearned for older forms of music, for more live instruments, for letting the music flow freely, unconstrained by commercial demands. I did some songs on Ramsey Lewis’ 1993 record Sky Island. A year or so later I did a wonderful jazz album, Urban Knights, which featured Ramsey, Grover Washington Jr., Victor Bailey, and Omar Hakim. It was like coming home, though some people were surprised that I would choose to produce an instrumental jazz album. The project was so successful for the record company GRP that we recorded Urban Knights II two years later, in ’97.

– Maurice White. My Life With Earth, Wind & Fire, by Maurice White with Herb Powell, 2016.

Written by Maurice & Bill Meyers
Produced & Arranged by Maurice & Bill Meyers for Kalimba International, Inc.
Album Produced by Maurice & Frayne T. Lewis

Ramsey Lewis: Acoustic Piano
Jonathan Butler: Guitar Solo
Sheldon Reynolds: Rhythm Guitar
Morris Pleasure: Bass
Sonny Emory: Drums
Jimi Randolph: Drum Programming
Bill Meyers: Synthesizers

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