07 June 2022

Deniece Williams’ Track “The Boy I Left Behind” (1977)

Maurice produced Deniece Williams’ 1977 album entitled, Song Bird.

“The Boy I Left Behind”
Written by Eric Eisner

Album co-produced by Jerry Peters
Horn and String Arrangements by Tom Tom 84

Musicians on the album;
Deniece Williams: Lead Vocals
Maurice, Fred White, David Garibaldi: Drums
Jerry Peters: Electric Piano, Piano
Larry Dunn: Synthesizer
Verdine White, Nathan Watts: Bass
Charles Fearing, Marlo Henderson, Al McKay, John Rowin Jr.: Guitar
Paulinho da Costa: Percussion
Victor Feldman: Vibes
Oscar Brashear, Chuck Findley, Michael Harris, Steve Madaio: Trumpet
George Bohannon, Charles Loper, Louis Satterfield: Trombone
Don Myrick, Azar Lawrence, George Patterson, Andrew Woolfolk: Saxophone
Background Vocals: Maurice, Deniece Williams, Sidney Barnes

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