06 January 2022

Earth, Wind & Fire Perform “I’ve Had Enough” Live (1981)

From Earth, Wind & Fire’s ‘In Concert’ DVD, here’s the band performing “I’ve Had Enough.” This performance was recorded live at the Oakland Coliseum, December 30 and 31, 1981 during their Raise! tour and it originally aired on HBO.

“I’ve Had Enough”
Written by Philip Bailey, Greg Phillinganes, Brenda Russell

The Raise! tour was our most expensive stage production yet, costing about $700,000 in preproduction alone. Once it was up and running, it cost $60,000 a night to do the show – and this was in 1981. We had a crew of around sixty people, fourteen tractor-trailers, buses, plane costs, hotel bills, band salaries, and a host of other expenses, but we sold out just about every show in advance.

– Maurice White. My Life With Earth, Wind & Fire, by Maurice White with Herb Powell, 2016.

Earth, Wind & Fire
Maurice: Vocals, Percussion
Verdine White: Bass
Fred White: Drums
Philip Bailey: Vocals, Percussion
Larry Dunn: Keyboards
Ralph Johnson: Vocals, Percussion
Andrew Woolfolk: Saxophones
Johnny Graham: Guitar
Roland Bautista: Guitar
Beloyd Taylor: Vocals, Percussion

The Phenix Horns
Don Myrick: Saxophones
Louis Satterfield: Trombone, Bass
Rahmlee Michael Davis: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Michael Harris: Trumpet, Flugelhorn

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