14 July 2023

Earth, Wind & Fire’s “I Can Feel It In My Bones” From Their 1971 Album The Need Of Love

From Earth, Wind & Fire’s 1971 release The Need Of Love, here’s the track “I Can Feel It In My Bones.”

During this time we were working on our second album, The Need of Love. Once more, the record was a very jazz-psycho-funk affair, with only five songs: “Energy,” “Beauty,” “I Can Feel It In My Bones,” “I Think About Lovin’ You,” and “Everything Is Everything.” On both of our Warner albums Jean Carne added her wonderful voice to the background vocals, even though she wasn’t credited.

– Maurice White. My Life With Earth, Wind & Fire, by Maurice White with Herb Powell, 2016.

“I Can Feel It In My Bones”
Written by Maurice, Don Whitehead, Wade Flemons

Musicans on the album:
Maurice: Drums, Percussion, Kalimba, Vocals
Wade Flemons: Vocals
Don Whitehead: Piano, Electric Piano, Vocals
Sherry Scott: Vocals
Verdine White: Bass
Michael Beal: Guitar, Harmonica
Yackov Ben Israel: Percussion Conga
Chet Washington: Tenor Saxophone
Alex Thomas: Trombone
Oscar Brashear: Trumpet

Arrangements by Earth, Wind & FIre
Produced by Joe Wissert

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