28 May 2023

Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Sunday Morning” Music Video From Their 1993 Album Millennium

From Earth, Wind & Fire’s 1993 release Millennium, here’s the music video for “Sunday Morning,” co-written by Sheldon Reynolds.  RIH Sheldon

“Sunday Morning” earned a GRAMMY nomination for Best R&B Vocal Performance By A Duo Or Group.

In late 1992 we started recording our next album, Millennium. In my mind Millennium was supposed to be Earth, Wind & Fire’s last album, and in many ways it is. I saw it as symbolic that EW&F’s career would end where it started, at Warner Bros. I wanted to conclude Earth, Wind & Fire’s recording career in a manner that was respectful to our musical legacy. For the most part Mo Ostin gave me complete creative freedom; the whole idea was that this was to be a return to the classic EW&F sound. And I achieved some of that on the album.

– Maurice White. My Life With Earth, Wind & Fire, by Maurice White with Herb Powell, 2016.

“Sunday Morning”
Written by Maurice, Sheldon Reynolds, Allee Willis
Produced by Maurice
Horns arranged by Tom Tom Washington
Maurice: Lead & Background Vocals, Drum Programming
Philip Bailey: Background Vocals
Verdine White: Bass
Sheldon Reynolds: Guitar, Keyboards & Synthesizer Programming, Drum Programming, Synth Bass, Background Vocals
Paulinho da Costa: Percussion
Mike McKnight: Keyboards & Synthesizer Programming
Michael Thompson: Guitar
Ray Brown: Trumpet
Michael “Patches” Stewart: Trumpet
Gary Bias: Saxophone
Reggie Young: Trombone

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