16 January 2021

Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Thinking Of You” From Their 1987 Album Touch The World

Here’s the music video for the track “Thinking Of You” from Earth, Wind & Fire’s 1987 release Touch The World.

“Thinking Of You”
Written by Maurice, Wayne Vaughn, Wanda Vaughn
Produced & Arranged by Maurice
Co-Produced & Arranged by Wayne Vaughn

Lead Vocal: Maurice
Rhett Lawrence: Drum Programming, Fairlight & Synthesizer
Wayne Vaughn: Sequencing
Ray Fuller: Guitar
Background Vocals: Philip Bailey, Wanda Vaughn, Jeanette Williams

Maurice & Philip Bailey’s message from the album;
In our desire to make a musical contribution
we find it necessary to touch upon the ongoing
issues of today, political or otherwise.

We witness the human family being affected by
world condition.

We, in turn, give our music as a signal of hope
for a brighter future.
-Maurice White and Philip Bailey
Earth, Wind & Fire

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