05 May 2022

From Maurice’s 1985 Solo Release, “Believe In Magic”

From Maurice’s 1985 solo release, here’s the track “Believe In Magic.”

“Believe In Magic”
Written by Maurice, Robbie Buchanan, Diane Warren
Produced by Maurice for Kalimba Productions
Co-Produced by Robbie Buchanan
Associate Producers: Martin Page, Brian Fairweather
Arranged by Robbie Buchanan

…I became excited about doing a solo record. I felt no strain or urgency, nothing that would encourage my high-strung nature. I felt free, as if I were at the beginning of a new romance. I knew for sure that I didn’t want to use the Complex to record my solo record. I had to break out of the inertia of the EW&F world. I did a lot of recording at Soundcastle Studios in the Silver Lake area of LA, all the way in the northeast part of town…

I recruited some great musicians for the record.

I didn’t criticize Columbia at the time, but I did feel they could have done a more across-the-board campaign – a less segregated approach to the promotion of my album.

Of course I was disappointed with that album’s lack of success, but I am proud of it. Still, I was more hurt than I ever let on. I wish I had done a few more solo records.

– Maurice White. My Life With Earth, Wind & Fire, by Maurice White with Herb Powell, 2016.

Maurice: Vocals, Background Vocals, Percussion
Paul Jackson, Jr.: Guitar
Michael Landau: Guitar
Paulinho da Costa: Percussion
Brian Fairweather: Drum Programming
Robbie Buchanan: Synthesizers, Drum Programming
Paul Leim: Simmons Drum Programming
Zulu Chants: Maurice, Brian Fairweather, Martin Page

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